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BE-Ex STL is the trusted technical, financial, and business development resource that can help you get to net-zero in a way that makes sense for your bottom line.


We are positioning St. Louis as a resilient and carbon-neutral region by...



Regulation Expertise

BE-Ex STL is your go-to resource for energy efficiency regulations in the St. Louis region. We can help you understand the City’s Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) and help you take action to save money, achieve compliance with local regulations, and improve your buildings. 

Available Financial Products

in the Market


BE-Ex STL has compiled financing options and utility rebates currently available in the St. Louis area. Check out what might apply to your properties. We know that closing financing gaps enables building professionals to invest in clean energy and ultimately save money, improve the environment and build healthy, sustainable communities. We are working with our partners to develop new financing options for the St. Louis community.