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Tech Primers

Building Blocks for Advancing Your Energy Performance

BE-Ex is one of the largest collection of solutions in the St. Louis region that can be implemented throughout the new build or retrofit process – from design, to construction, to operation. BE-Ex is not a rating system, but we offer this suite of tools and resources - with more to come - that can enable you to achieve net-zero.

20220419_RoomAC_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220420_AWHP_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_ERV_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_Windows_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_Lighting_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220420_MiniSplits_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_PlugLoads_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220420_POU DHW_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_Roof Insulation_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_SolarPV_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
20220419_Insulation_STL Image_Page_1.jpeg
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