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Ameren Missouri:
Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Building Sector

Multifamily residential

Energy Type


Financial Incentives



Ameren Missouri

Program name

Ameren Missouri: Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Program summary

An Ameren Missouri program representative can help determine a multifamily facility's energy-saving potential and eligible equipment incentives by performing a no-cost assessment and will provide a list of efficient products and services to optimize energy use.


Applicable building size

Contains three or more units.


Open opportunity for a multifamily building to receive a no-cost assessment and learn how to save energy and lower their utility bills by installing more efficient building equipment, using incentives to lower the cost to upgrade.

  • Incentive/funding details. Provides a list of efficient products and services recommended for your building's optimization of energy use through a no-cost assessment. Energy-saving products and services may include:

    • HVAC upgrades

    • Efficient showerheads and faucet aerators

    • EnergyStar Appliances

    • LED Lighting

    • Building Insulation

  • Contract structure. Contact Ameren Missouri for details.

  • Amount (max,min, average). Varies by equipment type and incentive type.

  • Simple payback: If a multifamily facility moves forward with upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, payback varies depending on the equipment installed and incentives received.

  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. Before project start and/or equipment purchase. Fill out an inquiry about participating in the program on Ameren Missouri's website. Ameren staff will verify your multifamily property's eligibility and begin the assessment process.

  • Level of effort required. The initial inquiry form asks only for contact information and a message of inquiry.

  • Length of time to receive funding. Contact Ameren Missouri for more details.

  • Contractor requirements. The customer can choose a contractor. 

Additional information
  • Advantages. Receiving a no-cost assessment can help understand your facility's energy usage and opportunities to improve efficiency. If residents meet income eligibility requirements, your facility may also qualify for incentives under the Ameren Missouri CommunitySavers Multifamily program.

  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Multifamily buildings with three or more units.

  • Program fit for customer. Multifamily building that is unsure where to start with energy efficient upgrades or is completing an equipment upgrade project with energy-saving potential. Multifamily building with limited budget looking to find ways to lower their utility bills and improve the energy use of their building.

Take action

Visit Ameren Missouri Multifamily website.

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