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How We Help

Building Owners

Maximize the performance and value of your building portfolio

We help building owners make informed decisions and capital investments to maximize the value of their building portfolio.

 ✓    Optimize the performance of your buildings for its                         intended uses

 ✓    Drive down operational costs 

 ✓    Identify funding sources for capital improvements

 ✓    Add measurable and marketable value to attract tenants and               increase real estate value

 ✓    Improve tenant comfort and productivity 

 ✓    Understand and comply with mandated Building Performance             Standards (City of St. Louis)

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Your go-to resource for energy efficiency regulations in the St. Louis region. We also can guide you to resources for utility rebates and financing.

Regulation Consulting

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We educate building owners so they can make informed decisions.

Facility Education & Resources

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We bring together stakeholders to improve competencies in our region and facilitate connections between qualified builders/designers and facilities needing energy services.

Events and Networking

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