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Still accepting CACP Eligibility applications!

Custom Alternative Compliance Path (CACP) Eligibility Application:

Properties that believe they need to pursue a CACP must first establish their eligibility. In an application to the Office of Building Performance, properties need select any of several qualifying scenarios (see Five Scenarios for CACP Eligibility page 36) and indicate how extenuating circumstances beyond the property’s control prevent it from complying with BEPS. Not all properties will be deemed eligible, as for some it may be more appropriate to pursue Path 3: Narrow the Gap to comply. *** Email application to to apply ***. In your email, please include: - 'CACP eligibility application' (in the subject) - St. Louis Building ID# (P-xxxxxx) - Building address - Contact person name, email address, phone number - Eligibility scenario that your building qualifies under (see Five Scenarios for CACP Eligibility page 36) We will confirm your eligibility within 30 days of application. All properties have the right to an appeal of an OBP determination of ineligibility (see APPEALS page 51).


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