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How We Help

We connect the people who make decisions for buildings with resources to create more comfortable places to live, work, learn, and play while saving money and adding value.

  • Review priorities & needs

  • Review energy audits & benchmarking data

  • Help prioritizing measures

  • Help selecting a service provider & contractor

  • Help tracking progress

  • Help planning future projects

  • Help with measurement and verification to certify savings


Regulation Consulting

Your go-to resource for energy efficiency regulations in the St. Louis region.
There is no question that is too big or too small. We can help you understand the City of Saint Louis’ Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) and help you take action to save money, achieve compliance, and improve your buildings.


Financing Assistance

We guide you to available utility rebates and financing options.
Closing financing gaps can enable you to invest in clean energy and ultimately save money, improve the environment, and build healthy, sustainable spaces for tenants. We can let you know what may be available for your building. We also are working with partners to develop new financing options for the St. Louis community.

  • Identification of incentive & financing options

  • “Rule of thumb” return on investment analysis

  • Database of lenders and financial solutions providers

  • Referrals to lenders and PACE providers

  • Case studies of financed projects

  • Peer-to-peer financing conversations

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Facility Education & Resources

We provide resources and technical support to evaluate and implement energy efficiency upgrades that reflect best practices as well as nuances in our local environment. 

  • Centralized information on regional education and training resources

  • Valuable library of educational materials and articles

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Professional Training & Connections

We deliver training to improve contractor competencies to drive success in selling and delivering energy services.

  • Continuing education credits on DESCRIBE TOPICS

  • Coordination with trade schools/colleges on relevant curriculum development


Events and Networking

We bring together stakeholders to improve competencies in our region and facilitate connections between qualified builders/designers and facilities needing energy services.

  • Events featuring industry experts

  • Exhibitions and technology demonstrations

  • Project tours

  • Networking events and training programs for AEC Industry

  • Directory of contractors

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