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Commercial & Industrial Rebate
- Energy Audit 

Building Sector

Commercial & Industrial: Office, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Institutional

Energy Type

Natural Gas

Financial Incentives




Program name

Spire: Commercial & Industrial- Energy Audit Rebate

Program summary

Having an energy audit is a great first step to identify and maximize energy savings. Spire offers rebates for an ASHRAE Level 1 walk through energy audit conducted at the service location by a qualified professional. To qualify for the energy audit rebate, at least one eligible energy efficiency measure identified in the audit must be installed and the audit must be performed prior to the installation of the eligible energy efficiency measure.

Applicable building size



Open opportunity to identify energy efficiency improvements and lessen the cost of the energy audit.

  • Incentive/funding details. Covers part of the cost of the energy audit when an identified energy
    efficiency measure is installed as a result.

  • Contract structure. No contract required. The audit must be performed by a qualified professional
    and prior to the installation of any energy efficiency measures recommended by the audit.

  • Amount (max, min, average). Varies by square feet and whether if nonprofit or not. Max amount: 75% of

  • audit cost up to $750 per building. Minimum amount: 50% of audit cost up to $500 per building.

  • Simple payback. Spire will pay rebates after installation or if custom rebate, will have a minimum two year payback to receive a rebate.

  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. Audit rebate must be applied for and processed at the same time as a Standard or Custom rebate application is submitted.

  • Level of effort required. The application must include Spire account number, customer and auditor information, invoice for the energy audit, Spire Standard or Custom rebate application, proof of purchase documents and additional equipment documentation (if required), copy of the energy audit. Rebate can be reassigned.

  • Length of time to receive funding. Rebate check will be mailed in four to six weeks after a
    completed application is received.

  • Contractor requirements. The customer must hire a qualified professional (Registered Engineer,
    Certified Energy Manager, or equivalent training, experience, or continuing education) to perform the
    energy audit.

Additional information
  • Advantages. No pre-approval required. Simple application process.

  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Non-profit and special use; industrial; institutional; processing; commercial office/retail.

  • Program fit for customer. Businesses unsure of which natural gas energy efficiency upgrade to perform. Prioritizing what equipment, or energy efficiency upgrade will have the highest return on investment. See Spire’s CI Rebate Program Summary for further details.

Take action

Visit Spire: Energy Audit Rebates website.

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