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Commercial & Industrial Boiler Heating System & Components Standard Rebate

Building Sector

Commercial & Industrial: Manufacturing, Office, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Multi-family

Energy Type

Natural Gas

Financial Incentives




Program name

Spire: Commercial & Industrial Standard Rebates

Program summary

Spire offers a wide range of standard rebates designed to help Missouri Commercial and Industrial customers lower their monthly bills and reduce the upfront installation cost. Purchase and install qualifying natural gas equipment, fill out a simple online or paper rebate application, attach your receipts and submit.
Standard rebates can be claimed up to 12 months after installation date for qualifying equipment.

Applicable building size



An open opportunity to implement energy efficiency improvements and receive a rebate to lessen the
cost of the equipment. Rebates can provide savings for installing new, replacing, or upgrading
damaged or non-energy efficient equipment and lower utility bills.

  • Rebate/funding details. Rebates are paid to the customer after qualified equipment is purchased and installed.

  • Contract structure. No contract required. Qualifying equipment must be installed by a licensed professional.

  • Rebate Amount. Commercial and Industrial customers may receive up to $100,000 in total rebates
    per Spire’s program year (October 1 to September 30)

  • Standard. (see the CI Rebate Program Summary for further details)
    Natural gas space heating hot water boiler: save up to $15,000 per unit
    Natural gas space heating steam boiler: save up to $8,750 per unit
    Continuous modulating burner: save up to $15,000 per burner
    Vent or primary air damper: save up to $500 per boiler
    Advanced load monitoring (ALM) boiler control: $2000 per control
    Outdoor temperature reset (OTR) boiler control: $200 per control

  • Pairing with other sources. Available to pair with Spire’s Custom Rebates.

  • When in the project process an application should be started / completed. No pre-approval required. Application can be started and completed after qualified equipment purchase and installation. Rebates can be claimed up to 12 months after installation date for qualifying equipment.

  • Level of effort required. Application must include Spire account number, customer and contractor information, proof of purchase documents and additional equipment documentation (if required). All rebates can be reassigned.

  • Length of time to receive funding. Rebate check will be mailed in four to six weeks after a completed application is received.

  • Contractor requirements. The customer must hire a licensed contractor for installation.

Additional information
  • Advantages. No pre-approval required. Simple application process. Twelve months to claim rebate.

  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Non-profit and special use; industrial; institutional; processing; commercial office/retail.

  • Program fit for customer. Businesses wanting to increase their buildings energy efficiency and lower their utility bill, by upgrading their natural gas equipment and reduce up-front capital costs.

Take action

Visit Spire: Commercial Rebates website.

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