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Understanding Regulations​

In January of 2022, the federal government created the National Building Performance Standards Coalition including 33 state and local governments committed to developing policies that will benefit the health, energy affordability, and emissions reductions goals across the building sector. Both St. Louis and Kansas City are members. 

The City of St. Louis is ahead of the curve with 2 ordinances already signed into law that place requirements on large building owners related to their energy usage. Both ordinances apply to buildings 50,000 square feet and over.


While regulations related to building energy use are currently in place for the City of St. Louis, they have not yet been implemented in other parts of the region. As more St. Louis municipalities adopt regulations, we will keep you up to date.


In 2017, the City of St. Louis adopted an ordinance requiring the reporting of energy consumption of large buildings. BE-Ex STL and its partnership network provides resources, industry connections and technical support for complying with the benchmarking ordinance. 

Building Energy
Performance Standards

In 2020, the City of St. Louis adopted Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS). The governing ordinance requires large buildings consume less energy per square footage than a set amount. These standards were set by building type according to local usage data. BE-Ex STL can help you understand the ordinance and pathways to compliance.

Other Initiatives

St. Louis is not alone in energy efficiency regulations. See what other cities and states around the country are doing to put energy efficiency regulations into practice.