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Building a Better Future: Constructing a Sustainable Building Workforce

Originally Presented Thursday August 3rd, 2023

Join BE-Ex St. Louis and the Building Performance Partnership for the next event in the Building a Better Future series – Constructing a Sustainable Building Workforce – where we will uncover how federal funding can drive sustainable buildings and a strong, inclusive workforce. New streams of federal funding offer long-term investment in the workforces that design and build, retrofit and maintain clean and healthy buildings. As building stakeholders increasingly opt for energy-efficient design and technologies, learn how local actors are unlocking positive social and economic progress, ensuring sustained economic opportunity for historically marginalized working populations.

Hear from skilled labor, educators, and representatives from the Department of Energy about how federal funding can support local energy efficiency initiatives and spur good jobs in the building sector.

Opening Remarks:

Katie Kaluzny, Deputy Director, Illinois Green Alliance


Malachi Rein, Building Energy Exchange St. Louis


Shrayas Jatkar, Senior Advisor, Good Jobs & Workforce, DOE

Sal Martinez, CEO, Employment Connection

Heath Pickerill, Director, Missouri S&T


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