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Building Buildings for Everyone: How High-Performance Building Hubs Catalyze Action

Originally Presented Thursday March 23rd, 2023

Presented by IMT and the National BPS Coalition in collaboration with the Building Performance Partnership.

State and local governments are rapidly adopting next-generation climate policies to reduce carbon emissions and make buildings safer, healthier, and more affordable to operate. Developing a scalable resource and engagement Hub in collaboration with a local non-profit partner organization is key to supporting the jurisdiction to inclusively engage and aid their communities in achieving policy objectives and rapidly scaling competitive markets for high-performance buildings. As new federal funding becomes available, Hubs are an essential resource to helping the community and building stakeholders access these funds to retrofit buildings.

In this webinar you’ll hear from five High-Performance Building Hubs (New York, Washington D.C., Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago) about how they are providing unique and localized support to their building industry to accomplish citywide climate goals.


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