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Navigating Financial Resources 

Financing building energy solutions is a crucial component to achieving high-performance buildings. We have compiled financing options and utility rebates currently available in the St. Louis area. More importantly, we are working with our partners to develop new financing for the St. Louis community. We know that closing financing gaps is necessary for building professionals to invest in clean energy that ultimately saves money, improves the environment, and builds healthy, sustainable communities.  

Design & Operation Solutions​

We provide resources, industry connections and technical support for energy efficiency upgrades as well as continuous improvement in building operations. We can also provide resources for initial building design and construction. 


Compliance Navigator

Support is needed for building owners to navigate the high-performance buildings ecosystem and comply with Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS). And we realize that some building owners will need greater assistance due to greater needs. BE-Ex STL will provide direct, personalized advisory services that aid in evaluating building energy solutions, financial opportunities, achieving BEPS compliance, and connecting partners to achieve faster implementation of energy solutions.

Building Blocks for Advancing
Your Energy Performance

BE-Ex is the largest collection of solutions that can be implemented throughout the new build or retrofit process – from design, to construction, to operation. BE-Ex is not a rating system, but we offer these building blocks - with more to come - that can enable you to achieve net-zero.


Listen & Learn​

Two important resources created by our partners at BE-Ex NY are also available for you to read and hear about the latest in leaders and topics at the intersection of buildings, energy and sustainability. BE-Ex Ed can be a helpful place to achieve CEU credits. Click on the images to listen and learn. 

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